Sunday, February 27, 2011

Welcome To Rottweilers R Docked--The Blog

This blog was created as part of an ongoing effort to preserve the Rottweiler as a DOCKED breed in the United States, in accordance with the breed's AKC Standard.  The docked tail is an important characteristic; it is but one of the defining essences of the breed.

Why is this effort necessary?

Not only is our breed under constant attack from animal rights activists (who either want to see the practice of docking tails banned entirely, or those that want to limit, restrict or outright BAN the ownership of Rottweilers completely), but our breed, and our breed's standard,  is being tossed aside and ignored by owners, breeders, exhibitors and AKC judges, who choose to totally disregard the standard in relation to the tail being docked.

As a reminder, the Rottweiler breed standard states:  (emphasis added)
Tail--Tail docked short, close to body, leaving one or two tail vertebrae. The set of the tail is more important than length. Properly set, it gives an impression of elongation of topline; carried slightly above horizontal when the dog is excited or moving.
Anyone that can read and understand the English language should have no problem understanding that our standard says, "tail docked short". 

The sentence, "The set of the tail is more important than length", refers to the DOCKED TAIL; not a natural one. 

Therefore, a natural tail is a deviation from the written standard for the Rottweiler.  A tail just isn't a tail, it effects the overall "look and appearance" of the breed, especially with regards to the croup.

There are numerous venues for which one can enter and participate with their naturally tailed dogs; but the AKC conformation ring is not one of them.