Saturday, March 5, 2011

Stand By Our Breed Standard!

The following was written by "Rotties4Ever":

It seems to me that with the constant threat of the animal rights extremists trying to take away our right to dock (and/or crop depending on breed) our dogs, one would think that members ---and especially the leaders---of the parent club, would be more determined than ever to preserve the Rottweiler as outlined in the breed's standard.  Instead, members have chosen to flat-out ignore the fact that they are a docked breed and choose to exhibit natual tailed dogs.

What message does showing a tailed dog send to the ARs???  It says that our dogs don't need to be docked!  This is playing right into the loonies hands if we don't stand by our breed and our BREED'S STANDARD!  Don't you understand that every time you exhibit your tailed dogs, you are adding fuel to the animal rights fire???  Not to mention totally disregarding the AKC breed standard?

Which brings up the point of the AKC judges who put up these dogs!  They obviously need to reread our breed standard---"tail docked short"....How can a judge judge a Rottweiler with a tail when there is no description in the standard for a natural tail?  Do you AKC judges not realize that you are dooming us all to the animal rights agenda to ban docking?  When you "put up" a Rottweiler with a natural tail you are sending the message that whether they are docked or not, doesn't matter!  That they don't have to be docked to compete!

As for me, I won't give my money to any judge that puts up dogs with natural tails.  And I would hope that the ARC would stand by our breed and sanction those that choose to so blatantly disregard the standard by choosing to exhibit dogs with tails, especially those members that are our leaders.  This is sad for our breed.

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  1. The argument about "animal rights" and a breed standard is a scare tactic only . It has no merit.Whatever your view or reasons for it , this is not a valid one . The standards in Europe were changed from the outside and at the time there was no allowance for tails to be shown there or even talk of it .Had they allowed both at the time they would have had a much more defensible position to take .

    ARs have bigger fish to fry and unless people blog like this and give some whacko an idea , they do not care .Protecting breed ownership and reproductive rights is the target , not a tail or ears .

    AKC knows that disqualification because of cosmetic alteration WILL give HSUS etc something to crow about "You mean you force people to chop off tails and ears to participate in AKC" will be the call . Thus AKC leaves it to individual owners , judges etc to make those calls and can respond "See , we don't force anything " .

  2. Stand By Our BREED is the key to survival in this crazy world . All owners , for all the dogs .

  3. unless your standard says a natural tail is a DQ, the judge has discretion to put up a dog with a natural tail if he believes that dog to be (otherwise) closest to the standard.

    In my breed, the standard says "natural ears preferred" and it gives a preferred height range of 17-19 inches.... but try to find an AmStaff with natural ears and of that size.

    AKC judging is not the measurement of a breed standard... surely that isn't news to you.

  4. AKC does not care what shows up in the ring as long as they get their cut of the $. If the dog has an AKC registration number then it can be shown. It is up to the judge to consider the breed standard and choose accordingly. Shame on the judge who would put up such a dog that "obviously" does not meet standard.